Size & Style



Please include your height and bra size ( specify natural or implants)

Bust: measure around the fullest part of your bust with the tape across and around your back bring it to the front.

Rib cage or under bust: measure around your rib cage right under your breasts

Waist: measure at your belly bottom around your body.

High hip: measure where the bikini lays on you at your hip bone. This is the most important measurement.

Low hip or glutes: stand on a level surface with feet together. Measure around the fullest part of your bum.

Model shots featuring our products are there to give you an idea about the style/cut not the fit. As you know even between two people who have the same measurements fit can be different depending on their shape.


1.Beach bikini bottom size

Your bikini bottom size is determined by your hip measurements. It is two different measurements. One is to be taken on your hip bone -that's your high hip- which is your underwear line where the bikini connector lies on your hips. That's the most important measurement. The other is at the widest part of your bum.That's your low hip/glutes.

Take the tape measure and measure the full circumference of your hip.

 2. Beach bikini bottom coverage

Our Beach bottom styles come with different coverage.

Please refer to the beach bikini style to see what bottom cut it comes in. Most of the styles can be customized for coverage. Send us an email request for customization before you place the order.

 3.Beach bikini top size

Your beach bikini top size is determined by your bra size, bust and rib cage measurements, also what coverage you prefer and if you have any implants.

4.Beach bikini top styles

We have a few different beach bikini top styles. We offer regular sliding triangle, halter and bralette. Please refer to the beach bikini style to see what cut it comes in.

Some customization is possible. Please read more details from the ORDER INFO page.