Couture Bikini Inquiry


Couture bikinis by Mayra


The Design Process

Our Bespoke Couture bikinis are hand made to your specifications and measurements. Mayra will work closely with you to create something truly amazing and unique to make you stand out on stage and elevate your shine.

You can contact us directly by email to start the design process. This is what we will need to start...

Any inspirational pictures for color and style you might have saved while browsing on Instagram, Pinterest or other social media pages.

Requirements for any desired accessories like neck or shoulder details, any added jewelry like hanging chains and back design.The more info we get the better! We will also need your current measurements and show time/place.

Once we have this info we will start researching for materials and send pictures for your approval. At this point we will need a CAN$200.00 non refundable design deposit.

Next step with your budget in mind the custom design work starts.

You will receive step by step progress pictures and videos of your suit production. You will be kept up to date and we will only move forward with your style and detail approval.

Once you have signed off on the base suit style the crystal work begins. We request creative freedom when it comes to placing the crystals. You will be shown the end results only at this point.

To complete your suit we will need updated measurements one more time to adjust your bikini before shipping. Once your suit is ready, you will receive a final product video.

Your final payment will due when your suit is ready to ship.

Shipping method, time and cost will be determined based on package size,weight and destination.

Estimated production time for our couture suits about 8-12 weeks. Pricing for a couture suit depends on the complexity of the design, crystal quality and accessories added. Payment securely goes through Paypal, outside of this website. Our invoices and pricing is in Canadian dollar but Paypal will give you the exchange rate at the time of payment.

Please contact us with any questions regarding your WBFF bikini. We are here to help!

Couture Bikinis by Mayra

If you would like to purchase a Diva or Couture suit design that was previously worn by some of our beautiful customers, please see our Instagram page @shop.mayraofficial for ideas or send us a quick email to inquire.