Bikini Care Info

Caring for your  BEACH BIKINI

Our suits are delicate in nature and needs gentle care.

Water use at owners Discretion. While many of the beach suits can be worn in pool or ocean water unless otherwise noted on the product page, they are not intended for strenuous physical water activity or long periods of time in heavily chlorinated water. Sun tan lotions, spas, and chlorinated pools may cause damage to your suit due to the harsh chemicals.

All swimwear should be hand washed after every use. Never twist your swimsuit to dry. Try to stay away from direct sunlight as it can fade the fabric color faster. Never machine dry or dry clean. Be sure to lie flat or hang to dry.

Rinse off hardware styles immediately after water use and with soap before the end of the night. Do not leave it without washing it overnight. This will wear down the metal/rhinestone protectant.

Even with the protectant, over time, metals can start to change color. But the better you care for it, it will stay shiny and new longer.

Due to the nature of the dye, bright colors may fade or bleed. Some suits dyes and glitter may run at first, keep this in mind when wearing specially for new suits.